King of Kotha is a really exciting movie that was recently released in the theatres and now its OTT release date leaks are out. It had an amazing performance at the box office as the film stars Dulquer Salmaan the main actor and is directed by Abhilash Joshiy who is making his first movie. This movie is full of action and now it is ready to come online.

The movie has got 6.2 stars out of 10 on IMDb and it has now finished streaming in the theatres. It has some top actors like Aishwarya Lekshmi, Prasanna, and Chemban in the film who have made it a popular film. The film will be available in languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi on the OTT platform.

When is the King of Kotha OTT Release Date?

The exciting movie is now coming online very soon. This action-packed film stars the popular Dulquer Salmaan which has stolen the hearts of viewers in the theatres. According to the latest announcement, King of Kotha will come in October 2023 on Disney + Hotstar OTT platform.

The film was first shown in theaters on 24 August 2023 and it has received 6.1 out of 10 on IMDb. If you missed this film in theatres then you will be able to stream it online after a few days. Usually, any movie comes online on the OTT platform after 45-60 days of theatrical premiere. It’s expected that the movie will be available for streaming in the last week of October 2023. You will not have to wait long to watch it online. King of Kotha has got many positive reviews from viewers, so now more people want to enjoy it online.

Details of the Film –

Main StarDulquer Salmaan, Prasanna, Shabeer Kallarakkal, Gokul Suresh, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Nyla Usha
Director NameAbhilash Joshiy
Producer NameDulquer Salmaan, Zee Studios
Writers NameAbhilash N. Chandran
Confirmed or NotConfirmed
Coming or NotYes
Premiere DateOctober 2023
GenreAction, Crime, Thriller
OTT PlatformDisney+ Hotstar
Dubbed inTamil, Telugu, Kannada
Budget₹50 crore


How did the King of Kotha Perform at the Box Office?

When the movie King of Kotha which stars Dulquer Salmaan came out in theaters, it had a really good start on the opening day at the box office. According to the reports, On day 1, the film only earned 6.6 crores INR even after the tough competition with Rajnikanth’s ‘Jailer’ film. Most people were from Kerala and Malayalam version was the most watched.

But the film didn’t earn that much it came in 4 languages and people from all over India are watching, the amount according to this was not that big. Also, Dulquer Salmaan’s recent movies like ‘Chup Revenge of the Artist didn’t make much money and earned Rs 11 crore in all of India. And, his most popular movie ‘Sita Ramam’ did well all over India and earned a big amount of Rs 77.28 crore. Let us see, how this movie performs in the long term.

Who are the King of Kotha Star Cast?

The film has many talented actors in making this exciting gangster movie. The main actor is Dulquer Salmaan, and he is playing a character named Kotha Rajendran who is also known as Raju Madrassi. They call him the King of the Kotha. The way he acts as this powerful gangster is the best thing in his whole acting career.

Also, other actors in the movie are really good. Like Shabeer Kallarakkal who is playing Kannan Bhai and is a strong person in the town where there is too much crime. Then there’s Prasanna who is playing CI Shahul Hassan and Gokul Suresh who is acting as SI Tony Titus. Aishwarya Lekshmi is also in the movie and she is playing the role of Tara who is Raju’s lover. Also, you will see Saran Shakthi, Chemban Vinod Jose, Shammi Thilakan, and more actors. They are all good at acting and they make King of Kotha a movie that people will enjoy a lot.

There are also some special appearances in the movie. Soubin Shahir comes in as Suitcase Leslie which makes the story more interesting. Ritika Singh is in a dance part of the movie song Kalapakkaara and she brings happiness to the movie.

  • Dulquer Salmaan as Kotha Rajendran
  • Shabeer Kallarakkal as Kannan Bhai
  • Prasanna as CI Shahul Hassan
  • Gokul Suresh as SI Tony Titus
  • Aishwarya Lekshmi as Tara, Raju’s love interest
  • Saran Shakthi as Jinu
  • Chemban Vinod Jose as Ranjith Bhai
  • Shammi Thilakan as Kotha Ravi
  • Anikha Surendran as Rithu
  • Nyla Usha as Manju
  • Shanthi Krishna as Malathi
  • Sudhi Koppa as Rafi
  • Senthil Krishna as Billa
  • TG Ravi
  • Rajesh Sharma
  • Pramod Veliyanad as Muthu
  • Prasant Murali
  • Adhri Joe
  • Midhun Venugopal
  • Madhan Mohan
  • Govind Pai as Ranjith’s Son
  • Manju Vani
  • Sachin Shyam
  • Ritika Singh as a dancer
  • Soubin Shahir in a cameo appearance as Suitcase Leslie

What can be King of Kotha Storylines?

It tells a complicated story about gangsters and it is really exciting. The story is about a town called Kotha. In 1996, a police officer Shahul Hassan came to Kotha to solve a big problem with drugs that is affecting young people. He starts looking into things and finds out about a powerful gangster Kannan Bhai who controls the town. So, Shahul investigates and finds that Raju is also a gangster. Raju used to be in charge of Kotha and did some bad things.

In the past, we see how Raju changes from a tough gangster to someone in love with a girl named Tara. He decides not to sell drugs anymore because something sad happened to him. This makes his friendship with Kannan become strained, and they end up fighting each other. Raju also has problems with his family and gets betrayed by some people. Then, during the FIFA World Cup Finals, he disappears. In the present, Raju comes back after getting a call for help. His return makes old problems come back to life in Kotha. The story is about things like getting back at people, being loyal, and making up for things that happened in the past. It all leads to a big and intense fight between Raju and Kannan.

The film is a mix of crime, drama, and action and it is an interesting story about people and their relationships. Dulquer Salmaan plays the role of the mysterious gangster who makes the story even better

How Is King of Kotha Review – Did Viewers Love it?

The film shows Dulquer Salmaan in a different way who plays the role of gangster in this action movie with amazing acting. The movie was directed by Abhilash Joshiy and has many actors like Shabeer Kallarakkal, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Prasanna, Nyla, Anika and Chemban Vinod. When the movie came to theatres, it wanted to give people a thrilling experience with lots of action.

The story is about a big drug dealer named Khanna Bhai who is in charge of the town of Kotha. A police officer named C.I. Shahul Haasan tries to stop the drug business. Shahul finds out that the town used to be controlled by Raju and that Raju and Khanna Bhai used to be close friends. But things happened and they aren’t friends anymore. The movie is about why they stopped being friends and Shahul’s mission to fight against drugs.

Dulquer Salmaan does a great job as Raju and you can see how good he is at acting differently in different roles. Some parts of the movie got good reviews like Dulquer’s acting and the music made by Jakes Bejoy. But not everything was perfect. Some people said the story was too easy to predict and that the movie was slow sometimes. Also, some characters in the movie weren’t as interesting as the main ones. The way the story was told and edited also needed improvement and because of these things the movie didn’t meet everyone’s expectations. But even with these problems, but it still shows Dulquer Salmaan as an actor and villain.

Where does King of Kotha Stream Online?

Right now, there is no specific information about which online platform will show the movie King of Kotha but it can be Disney + Hotstar. The movie first came out in theatres, and they haven’t said yet where you can watch it online. Usually, filmmakers wait a bit after showing the movie in theatres before saying where you can see it online.

In today’s world, a lot of movies end up on websites where you can watch movies, so it’s possible that King of Kotha will also be on one of those sites in the future. People who like Dulquer Salmaan and want to see the movie will have to wait until the people who made the movie tell us where we can watch it online.


King of Kotha is a crime and action movie featuring Dulquer Salmaan. It has an exciting story and strong acting. People are excited to see it on an online platform. The makers have not revealed much information about the movie and haven’t said where it will be available but they will do it soon. This means more people will be able to enjoy the movie’s exciting plot about crime and getting back at people. You can wait for the upcoming official announcement, which will happen soon. Also, look out for new trailers and posters that will probably be released soon.


When will King of Kotha release on the OTT platform?

The movie will release on October 2023 on the Ott Platform according to the latest announcement.

Which OTT Platform has bought King of Kotha Digital Rights?

Disney + Hotstar has purchased the Digital Rights for the movie.

Is King of Kotha Can be Watched with Family members?

Yes, this movie can be enjoyed with friends and families.

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