Oppenheimer has performed very well in the theatres and now this grand film is coming online and its Ott release date is also out now. Christopher Nolan is a famous director who has made a new movie which has broken all previous records. The movie came on 21 July and its earned more than 73 crores in week 1 only.

The film is about the life of a brilliant scientist Julius Robert Oppenheimer who is known for creating the atomic bomb. The concept of the film was really amazing and that is why it got an audience from Hindi-speaking people too. Now some leaks about its Ott comeback are rumoured on social media, so let us clear that.

When is Oppenheimer OTT Release Date?

The film came on 21 July 2023 in theatres and usually, if the movie performs well at the theatres, then it comes after a long time on the Ott platform and this will happen with Oppenheimer. According to recent leaks, Oppenheimer will release in September 2023 on the Amazon Prime Video OTT platform.

It is still running at the box office and that is why you will see some delay in its digital release, but as we told you, it will definitely come in the month of September.

Release date 21 July 2023 
Directed byChristopher Nolan 
Main CastCillian Murphy, Florence, Emily, Matt Damon
Budget 800+ crore
Oppenheimer OTT Release DateOctober 2023
VOD (Video on Demand) ReleaseSeptember First Week
OTT platform Prime Video

How did Oppenheimer Perform at Box Office?

Christopher Nolan’s movie Oppenheimer performed really well in India when it was released. In the first week, it earned an amazing Rs 67.85 crore and did well in the next week. So, in total, it collected Rs 73.15 crore in India in the first week. But now, in its second weekend, it faces tough competition from another movie Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani which has popular stars Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh.

This competition is affecting Oppenheimer’s earnings has earned 12 crore on its opening day. The movie has been doing well in big cities where it has a lot of screenings. Even though it is getting some competition from other films but Oppenheimer is still making money globally and earned $230 million worldwide till now.

Who will be Oppenheimer Star Cast?

The movie Oppenheimer has an amazing cast like Cillian Murphy who plays the role of J. Robert Oppenheimer with great authenticity. Emily Blunt is also a cast with wonderful performance as Kitty Oppenheimer. Robert Downey Jr. is seen as Lewis Strauss and Alden Ehrenreich is also seen as a Senate Aide.

The movie also includes other experienced actors like Jason Clarke, Kurt Koehler, and Tony Goldwyn in various roles. There are also actors John Gowans, Macon Blair, James D’Arcy, and others. Kenneth Branagh plays Niels Bohr, and Harry Groener is seen as Senator McGee. The film also features many more talented actors.

  1. Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer
  2. Emily Blunt as Kitty Oppenheimer
  3. Robert Downey Jr. as Lewis Strauss
  4. Alden Ehrenreich as Senate Aide
  5. Scott Grimes as Counsel
  6. Jason Clarke as Roger Robb
  7. Kurt Koehler as Thomas Morgan
  8. Tony Goldwyn as Gordon Gray
  9. John Gowans as Ward Evans
  10. Macon Blair as Lloyd Garrison
  11. James D’Arcy as Patrick Blackett
  12. Kenneth Branagh as Niels Bohr
  13. Harry Groener as Senator McGee
  14. Gregory Jbara as Chairman Magnuson
  15. Ted King as Senator Bartlett
  16. Tim DeKay as Senator Pastore
  17. Steven Houska as Senator Scott
  18. Tom Conti as Albert Einstein
  19. David Krumholtz as Isidor Rabi
  20. Petrie Willink as Dutch Student
  21. Matthias Schweighöfer as Werner H

What are Oppenheimer Storylines?

Oppenheimer is a movie about the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer who was a brilliant physicist and played a big role in making the atomic bomb during World War 2. The film shows his early struggles from studying in Cambridge to getting his PhD in Germany. He comes back to the United States because he was afraid that the Nazis would make nuclear weapons. General Leslie recruits him for the secret project where he leads a team of scientists to build the atomic bomb in the hope to prevent war.

When they successfully test the bomb, Oppenheimer becomes famous as the father of the atomic bomb. But he feels guilty about the destruction caused by the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then, he speaks against nuclear development like the hydrogen bomb but faces opposition and then loses his political power. Oppenheimer is haunted by the idea of the bomb’s chain reaction and this film makes viewers think about the serious consequences of humanity’s actions in the nuclear age.

How Is Oppenheimer Review – Did Viewers Love it?

This is an amazing movie made by Christopher Nolan. Cillian Murphy’s acting as Oppenheimer is outstanding and deserves awards. Robert Downey Jr.’s surprising role as Lewis Strauss is just amazing and Emily Blunt’s role of Kitty is also too good.

A main thing about Oppenheimer is that the makers didn’t use CGI to show bomb in Los Alamos which is the best part of the film. Also, Oppenheimer’s speech after the war was heart winning and the dialogue was well-written that connect with the audience. The only downside you can count is that the film is too long which can be an issue for some people. Also, the first hour is not that much exciting as the second but overall, it is really a good movie that you should definitely watch.

What is Oppenheimer OTT Platform Name?

Right now, it is not known which streaming platform will stream Oppenheimer but according to some leaks, Amazon Prime Video will stream the movie online and it has purchased the digital rights of the film. People are excited to find out the official OTT release date so they can watch the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer on Amazon Prime Video as the film is now getting over in theatres.


In conclusion, Oppenheimer is an interesting movie that shows J Robert story and his important role in making the atomic bomb. Nolan’s direction and Cillian Murphy’s outstanding acting have made the film a big hit worldwide and people are now excited for its OTT comeback. You should also wait for the official announcement which is going to happen soon. The makers will soon post some trailers of the digital premiere.


When will Oppenheimer release on the OTT platform?

The movie will release in September 2023 on the Ott Platform according to the latest announcement.

Which OTT Platform has bought Oppenheimer Digital Rights?

Amazon Prime Video has purchased the Digital Rights for the movie.

Is Oppenheimer Can be Watched with Family Members?

Yes, this movie can be enjoyed with friends and families.

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