When your go-to nail tech is a perfect match for you, you can get in and out of a nail appointment quickly without worrying about the results. However, no one starts at this ideal relationship between nail tech and customer. First, you have to go to a new salon and communicate your vision for your nail powder acrylic nails. Here are five things to say while you’re getting your nails done to help arrive at a result you’ll love.

Ask for the Right Nail Tech

Different nail techs specialize in different styles, so look through the salon’s images to see which tech is best suited to the nails you want. For example, if you want an intricate design painted on your nails, you have to ask for a nail tech with experience in this style. Not every technician can execute painted designs.

Show Pictures

For simpler designs, it can help to show a picture of your desired result to a nail technician. Even common names for nail shapes can be confusing, with one person’s stiletto nail being another person’s short pointed nail. Pictures can help overcome a language barrier and make sure your nail technician knows exactly the results you want.

Communicate Your Wants & Needs

There is no one correct way to execute a manicure or pedicure. Even something as classic as a French tip is open for interpretation, with some people preferring a thin strip of white and a natural base color and others preferring a pinkish base color and thicker white tip. As a first-time customer, make sure you tell your nail technician your preferences when it comes to your nails as well as showing a picture.

Pay attention during the appointment so that you don’t wind up surprised by the result. It’s not a great idea to micromanage things like monomer and powder application, but it’s completely okay to request adjustments and changes during the process as long as you do so kindly.

Request Changes Courteously

There’s definitely a right and a wrong way to request changes during a nail appointment. Don’t give orders to your nail technician, such as “file that down more.” Instead, keep the spirit of friendly and courteous collaboration with questions such as “Can we file that side down more?” or “Can we get the nail a little more pointed?”

One reason to request changes in the form of a question is that sometimes, it’s not possible to execute a certain shape or look on a particular person’s nail. Other times, the nail technician may be trying to protect your nail from damage.

If You Are Not Happy With the Results

Any good nail salon wants happy customers, so let the salon know if the results aren’t to your liking in a kind and non-confrontational way. They may offer to redo the color or design to better suit your tastes.

If the problem isn’t artistic but lies with the technical execution of your nails, it may be best to try another salon next time. You can also try using a protein bond for nails to promote better results in the future.

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