Purchasing gold coins could be beneficial as an addition to an investment portfolio. However, every business person or investor who intends to venture into this market needs to consider a number of things. For example, did you know that the cost of gold coins is calculated based on the rate of gold at the time and certain fees called premiums? These can vary and may influence the value a lot.

Premiums include such factors as production, distribution, and the profit margin of sellers. It is also affected by the type of coin, its rarity, and location of purchase. For instance, a coin with a limited mintage tends to be more expensive (i.e., have a higher premium) because of its extra value to the collector and the fact that it may be rarer. 

In this article, we seek to clarify premiums and give some pointers on how to approach the issue of premiums when you have gold coins for sale, or when you want to buy gold coins.

Got Gold Coins for Sale? Elements Affecting the Price

As we just briefly showed you, there are several expenses such as the design of the gold coins, the manufacturing process, and the promotion of the gold coins, all of which are recovered through premiums. In addition, premium can also be an issue due to heightened interest or disinterest in particular coins. Coins that are popular and do not circulate in large numbers are usually much more expensive due to the perceived rarity and the potential for the coins to be collected.

The state of the coin and the genuineness is also important; coins that are in mint condition or those that have passed through a renowned grading company could earn you a higher premium. Last but not the least, instability in the market has been found to cause fluctuations in the prices and hence, may push up the premiums as investors seek a safe haven in gold.

Understanding Premiums Before You Make a Purchase

It is always recommended that you research comprehensively before investing in gold coins. For example, you could shop around and compare the prices from several dealers to understand the average cost of the premium. You may also want to find out the current spot price of gold which will assist you in determining the proportion of the actual value of the gold content in the coin and the premium charged. You may also consider purchasing these coins in bulk as this might lower the premium you pay per coin.

It is also advisable to understand the return policy of the dealer before purchasing a product that may or may not not fulfill your expectations. While the premium you pay when buying a gold coin is most of the time not refunded, a flexible return policy will also serve as a backup in case the coin needs to be returned.


If you do the necessary research and analysis of the necessary premiums that are connected with gold coins, you will be able to make wiser decisions and maximize your investment. Do not forget that the reality of gold coins is not limited by the price of metal, premiums are paid to cover other expenses. Spending time to carefully evaluate this when you have gold coins for sale or wish to buy new coins will make your decision in investing in gold coins both sound and enjoyable.

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