Drag racing is all about timing. A fraction of a second can change everything. All the practice and preparation, the money and time invested, all boil down to one thing—the timing. 

When you go to Hawaii Islands, plan a trip to the west coast of Kaua’i. It is a small town in Kekaha where you will find numerous farmers’ markets and shoreline fishing, the primary activities over the weekend. There you will find the “Kaua’i Raceway Park.” You will surely miss the sign if you don’t look out. It is here that the racers take part in the drag race. So what if you are not a racer? You can always visit the place to catch the racers in action. The thrilling action, the adrenaline drive, the palpitation, and the vibe of the place will surely make you a fan of this adventure spirit.

You don’t need to be a racer to flaunt the style of this event. Dress up on the day you visit the racing track. We have a few ideas on what you can wear for the occasion.

  • What should you wear when you visit the Kaua’i Raceway Park?

Don’t be underdressed or overdressed for the occasion. Stick to chic and casual style. You will indeed become the attention garner when you dress up smartly. Why don’t you pick a themed t-shirt for the race? Look for a theme that reflects your mood. Select t-shirts with graphic designs or logos of the drag racing. Numerous stores are selling ideal tshirts for the Dragmaster. If you are an automobile lover, the Hawaii Raceway Park theme shirts suit the occasion.

When you wear a shirt with the models of iconic cars, it is easier to show your passion for the sport. It will also help you to connect with the racer, the community, the local drivers, and all those who have come there to cheer for their favorite racers. How about buying one shirt as a collectible item? The Acme Speed Shop prints are famous. You can purchase one, get it framed, and display it in your living room long after your trip.

When purchasing these t-shirts, pay attention to the right design and material. The t-shirt should be comfortable and made of lightweight, breathable material. You don’t want your sweat to stick to it. A quick-drying fabric will be ideal. 

  • Drag racing is quite popular in Hawaii

When it comes to Hawaii, we only think of the idyllic beaches, mouth-watering dishes, and local customs. We need to think of the drag races. But your concept will change forever once you visit the Kaua’i Raceway Park. Drag racing is extremely popular in this part of the world. It helps to bind the local community in an adrenaline-filled enthusiasm that is hard to overlook. Hence, a visit to this park is a must.

Summing it up

The best way to explore any place is to discover what makes it exciting and memorable. Even when you are not into something, there is nothing wrong with being a spectator. If you are not a racer, it does not mean that you cannot experience the game from the stands


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